Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flames of War in the South Puget Sound area

So, we have some stuff to put On The Table Top.  Now we need a tabletop!

I keep going through the same routine every time I road-trip in the local area...walk out the door, run back inside to Google "game stores" near the destination while the car warms up, then head out.  To shorten that process, I figured I would have some results staged in advance.  Here are some of the stores within an hour or two of Lacey, WA:

Spray-painting invasion stripes

L4 AOP w/ Invasion Stripes
Used by US forces in the latter part of WWII primarily as an artillery spotter, the L4 Grasshopper Aerial Observation Post was a nifty addition to the arsenal.  Google it for some additional coolness...some nutso pilots decided to arm them with bazookas and go into ground-attack mode!

Now, you could paint it by hand, but I'm going to use some masking techniques and spray paint to get a Grasshopper AOP on the table.